Have you gained a few pounds and considering a bodyshaper?  You had better think again.  It may be easier to lose those extra inches than to suffer the pinch!  Bodyshapers are as restrictive as a medieval coat of armor.  I tried it once and only kept it on for a couple of minutes before wriggling out of it and placing it into the donation pile.  I'm just not comfortable with wearing that "rubber thing" as my mother calls it.  It felt like I was squeezing into a bike inner tube which quickly put me near the point of asphyxiation.  Honestly, I couldn't breathe properly!
I often wonder how women do it.  How do they walk, talk, and smile while wearing a monstrosity of a foundation garment?  Is it really worth the discomfort to appear shapely?  Not in my book!  Give me a high waist brief with a little tummy control and save the coat of armor.   Plus it much too hot to wear a full set of workout gear underneath your clothing!


05/12/2014 5:39pm

I love them in moderation but you must understand the garments purpose there are diffrent undergarments for diffrent functions shareware is ment to give the body a little more definition not to make you look unrealistic inches smaller shapesmoothers do just that give you a smoother looking body shape oneusy be mindful of size mske sure it is snugg not tohjt if you have on that squeezes get one the next size up usually these garment sizes are off these can benefit large people but slim people can benefit and each can be smooth as possible

05/13/2014 9:14pm

I'm not a fan of "under armor, but they do hve at least one benefit. Wearing one right after child birth helps tighten the abdomen. Who knew!

05/14/2014 9:08pm

You're so right Kenya. It does help to tone and return to pre-pregnancy size quicker.

04/01/2015 2:31am

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