I'm a simple kinda girl.  Leave the lashes, primer, sculpting, and all that jazz and make me pretty as fast as you can with as little as you can.  Lucky me landed in the chair of Birmingham's most sought after professional makeup artist, Leigh Whitehead, and it's no surprise that she was selected to work her magic on runway models in the recent Birmingham Fashion Week.  Working along with some of the best photographers in the United States, Leigh's work has also been featured in Hoover Magazine and B Metro Magazine.  Her philanthropic efforts are really what makes her something special.  She volunteers her services to cancer victims and also women who have suffered abuse.  Ah, that's the difference, not only is there magic in her hands, there's also love and healing.  

Check out pictures of Leigh's ah-mazing artistry behind the scenes, on the runway, and yes, she made my allergy eyes flaming hot!.  Ah-choo!  Eye shadow stays in place, beautifully.  


05/10/2014 5:27am

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