Fannie Fresh received a fall makeover today and her snake print leather pants are to die for.  Her black top with alternating stripes and sheer panels works magic along with red snake print peeptoes and eel skin tote.  Take a few tips from Fannie and slither into fall with STYLE!
It's a 6k run which consists of shopping 6 thrift stores in one day with a minimum of 30 minutes spent in each location.  The time limits weren't met, greatly exceeding 30 minutes in some places and quick shopping for less than 15 minutes in others.  Nevertheless, all 6 places were visited and this is what we found!  
Nappy Models are riding right into fall and will soon be offering the best leather bags to complete your wardrobe. BeBe and her sidekick, Loris, are searching high and low for the perfect leather essentials and take a look at what they have scored in just two days:  Coach, Cynthia Rowley, Eddie Bauer and more.  It's time to ride girls. It's time to leather up!
Coconuts for your feet?  You'd be better off wearing bananas!

I took the cheaper route, purchasing a pair of Coconuts western boots for my daughter just before school started in early August.  The original price was $59.00, but with markdowns and additional discounts, my purchase price was $35.00.  Still a bit much for plastic, but I was hoping that it was at least "good" plastic. This past Sunday, she wore her new boots for the first time, keeping them on for less than an hour, and just when I had decided that maybe I should have gotten a pair for myself, I noticed that they had already began to show signs of defects in the shaft. Thankfully, I noticed the flaw before the 30 days return policy had expired.  No more Coconuts for us!
You don't have wear your skirt "way up to here" to get attention nor be a Hollywood A-lister to have your own fan club.  This white denim Big Star mini with western boots will still have 'em rolling our the red carpet!
Oh my gosh, it's happening again.  I haven't been feeling very stylish lately and it's a shame that my mannequins have been getting all of the attention.  For days now, it's been jeans with a tee or button down top with ankle booties, pumps. or sandals.  No girly bangles or bold lipstick; no cateye liner or extend lash mascara.  I'm just unhappy for a number of reasons, but primarily because my dad has been gone for almost a year now.  In fact, the only stylish piece I wore today was my dad's white Kangol.  My outfit consisted of skinny jeggings, an unironed western top, wooden heel Michael Kors sandals, and wide RL leather belt.  The outfit looked okay and my mom even said that I looked cute, but it's hard to feel cute without wearing a smile.
Barry White said it best in his 1974 hit song "I can't get enough of your love, babe."

I've heard people say that too much of anything is not good for you, baby.
Oh no.  
But I don't know about that.

Nappy Models are still out and about, in and out of different cities, searching for what we love:  the best denim.  Too much may not be good for us that's why we will soon be sharing our lucky finds with you.  The more we buy, the more we want and baby that's no lie.

Check it out!

If you grew up in the 80's, you remember the hit single "Let me be the one" by the all girl group Expose'.  Released in 1987 on their debut album, Exposure, this song reached the No. 2 spot of the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.  In 2014, Nappy Models are asking "Let me be the one!" for style makeovers, wardrobe building tips, and personal shopping.  

Check out Mannie, our newest mannequin model looking Fre,Fre,Fre, Fresh in all thrifted pieces.
Kool and The Gang's 1973 hit Funky Stuff can still keep a party jumping and my funky Brighton stuff never misses a beat!  Check it out and sing "Whoa, whoa, whoa!"
I can thrift shop for over an hour in one store just to bring home nothing.  You see, I'm not looking for any old thing; it has to have my name written all over it but not necessarily the BeBe brand.  I'm looking for quality, timeless, easy to wear pieces that all blend together in harmony.  My Lucky Brand suede boots are a perfect example.  These beauties were sitting behind the counter in a display case and caught my eye as soon as I walked into a thrift store last week and luckily, they were my size.  Lucky me, also found two pairs of jeans one of which were jeggings to wear with the boots and my vintage Dooney & Bourke crossbody bag.  I wore a simple tank with a leather and denim fringed bib necklace and "Voila!"; perfect harmony!  Just my luck!