Nappy Models have contracted Valley fever from Coachella 2015 style images and the symptoms are:  
Elevated body temps and a sudden urge to wear midriff baring tops.
Choosing long lean designer jeans hanging loosely about the lower waist.
And let's not forget our featured bag of the day; a handmade leather, flower embossed, western chic crossbody bag.
Valley fever.  Catch it!

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This is the last day of the final weekend of the 2015 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.  Commonly called "Coachella", this event is one of the largest music festivals featuring some of the most popular artists in the music industry.  Held in Indio, California, Nappy Models are getting into the Coachella style with a Free People/ 70's Soul Train line-ish combination of crochet, leather, and kissable brass!  It's really that simple!
It's a Sunday luncheon with some of the top designer labels attending.  My newly thrifted studded tunic top with cutouts is a mix of classic, edgy and chic.  It's perfect for pairing with your worst destructed jeans and of course, a classic closed toe pump with a studded twist of stars and stones.  Let's not forget the spotlight purse of the day; a metal mesh purse with a gold metal handle.  

Here's she is, purse 3 of our 30 days, 30 purses review accompanied by Tory and Gianni.

Remember the R&B group from Oakland, Ca back in the 80's and 90's called Tony! Toni! Tone'! and you never could really figure out who was what?  It's the same confusion when you're not wearing your reading glasses and find a leather purse with a Gianni label inside or is it Giani?  Okay, Gianni Bini was murdered outside his South Beach home by a male prostitute right?  Or, Was it Gianni Bernini?  And, Gianni Versace designs can be found in Dillard's right?  Nah, that doesn't sound right either.  Okay, okay, I got it.  All three are Italian designers and Versace is the Raphael Saadiq of the group.  You figure it out!

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I'm a "purse snatcher".  No, I don't grab women's purses and run, but I can snatch a good one from the rack and purchase it before you can blink an eye.  I have boxes of them too.  So many until I will be featuring a different purse right here on Nappy Model Inc for 30 days. 
Here's a purse that a snatched on yesterday.  This large leather drawstring bucket style by Nine West is roomy enough to carry all that you need plus your favorite magazine with an adjustable strap that allows you to wear as a shoulder and a crossbody bag.  This style and quality is from the good old days, when Nine West leather shoes and bags were something to brag about!
Three months, that's all it took to go from sugar to "ish", from fit to flab, and from my body to something else's. From changing residences three times to living with relatives, the stress of everything that I've gone through resulted in too many extra pounds.  Healthy eating habits turned into junk food binge eating.  I stopped taking my herbal supplements and my daily vitamins, but the most detrimental outcome of it all was that I stopped working out.  Me?  Yes, me!  I would just mope around in the misery of having to wear 3 pairs of stretch pants, I kicked my stilettos to the side while blogging and shopping to hold on to a little bit of sanity.  Now, I'm on my way back to being me.  What shocked me back into being myself again?  Aside from looking at my body and being ashamed plus not being able to wear many of my spring clothing, was the fact that I started to wear flip flops.  Oh, God!  I did.  Poor Loris gasped when she saw my flip flops at my granddaughter's musical.  That was it!  The turning point! Not only was I ashamed, my daughter was too.  
I'm back to working out daily.  Most days, my workout sessions last at least an hour.  I'm getting obsessed with having flat abs and I've even challenged a guy to get fit in 60 days.  And, best of all, I'm wearing my heels more often while getting back to me!
Ever tried something and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but the next morning you realized what a mess you had made and wished there was a quick fix?  No, this is not about what you do in the dark, but about what I did in the daylight and regretted it the next morning.  I tried 2 new products by Jessicurl last week.  The hair cleansing cream was excellent and Too Shea conditioner seemed to work well too, until the next morning.  When I tried to comb it, even after misting with water, it felt so hard.  I knew that it was probably the result of the conditioner, so I waited a few days, shampooed again with the hair cleansing cream, which I absolutely love, and this time I used  the Deep Conditioner.  My hair was incredibly soft after air drying, was still soft and easy to comb the "morning after."  Now that's a quick fix in liquid form!
Ever wish that you could dress like the stars yet stay on a budget, I mean a very tight budget?  It's possible, especially now that it's summer and most every A-lister will be wearing designer denim cutoffs, ripped jeans, and tees, all of which can be thrifted for less than $10.00.  Since Hollywood clones are hitting the sidewalks in droves, what is it that usually catches a fashionista's eye?  You're right!  Purse, shoes, and accessories!  Remember though, you're saving money, keeping your credit cards for absolute emergencies, yet you wanna strut like the best of them.  So do you invest in a quality bag and a lesser quality shoe?  Or, do you invest in $300.00 gladiator sandals from Free People and carry a bag from Walmart?

Nappy Models both agree that they would choose a lesser brand shoe and carry a quality bag.  Why?  Because many times, lesser known brands are just as good or better than designer labels, i.e. Michael Antonio verses Jessica Simpson.  And, you can increase the value of a lower brand shoe, by sporting a high quality pedicure. Finally, you can partially conceal a cheaper shoe under maxi skirts or linen pants.  With a cheap purse subject to unraveling, cracking, and peeling, there's just no hiding that!

Nappy Model Rich girl/Poor girl tip # (we lost count)
When you can't have the best of both worlds, choose a cheaper shoe with a quality bag!

Pictured below:  Thrifted Michael Antonio cork heel sandals with ankle strap and Coach leather crossbody bag.

My daughter tends to ignore her alarm in the mornings and get as many extra minutes of sleep as possible.  With a head full of thick hair that must be styled daily, a "speed style" is just what she needs in order to get out of the door on time.  I don't trust her to handle her hair just yet.  It's too much and I can just see her yanking at tangles and damaging it.  So, I'm her daily master stylist, with as little as 10 minutes most days to whip up a style that she loves.  She loves simplicity:  high buns, side buns, twists, and braids, but her latest obsession is what I called a "French braid" until now.  As far back as I can remember, I've called over-braids (the reverse of under-braids), French braids.  Why?  Because everyone else did. Historians trace the earliest braided styles back to North Africa, so from this day forward, I'm calling it an "African over-braid".  Oui!  Oui!

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It's an all out war and we're using our bio-weapon to help improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, uneven and dry skin.  Bio-Oil, which contains a blend of vitamins A & E, calendula, lavender, rosemary, and chamomile oils can be used on face and body. This non-greasy formula is absorbed easily and perfect for sensitive skin.  We're not sitting back, we're fighting back with bio-weapon, Bio-Oil.