In July 1983, Guess owners and Jordache owners cut a deal in which Guess sold half interest to Jordache whose empire was much larger at the time.  Guess owners were contracted to run the Guess brand while the owners of Jordache were to operate Gasoline, the cheaper version of the Guess Brand.  Six months later, the partnership fell apart leading to a blood battle between the two families that took 6.5 years to settle.

Who knew that a family feud was the reason why Gasoline jeans were once so hot?

Boxy top, polka dot mini, and wide red patent leather belt are all thrifted pieces but combined make a million dollar look.  See for yourself!
I remember the times when Spiegel was my favorite wishbook and Snapple was my favorite drink.  I could sit back, relax, and spending hours viewing styles that I loved while sipping on Mango Madness.  It was like my friend could sense when I wasn't having a very good day, and he'd show up at the door with a Spiegel catalog and my drink in hand.  
Couldn't help but remember those good times when I scored a black nylon top with beads and sequins from the Reflections by Spiegel collections.  This stunning piece was made in India and so typical of Spiegel's quality from years gone by.  Just wondering if my friend will show up with some leather pants or premium denim to pair with this fabulous piece.  Just wondering....
I'm feeling a little black and blue this summer.  No, I'm not sick, just stuck on denim blues.  It's the easiest outfit to put together and who cares if the hues are different shades of blue?   Instead of my usual ivory pumps or snake print slingbacks, I chose black crisscrossed strapped sandals with a cork heel, black snakeskin clutch, and zebra print belt.  So easy, so convenient, and so cool.  Check it out!
Our guest blogger for today is none other than my mini-me, Paris.  This 9 year old knows style so I asked her what she thought of this picture featured in Harpers Bazaar.

Paris:  "First, her pants are too little and too short.  Then, her purse and shoes don't match.  Her heel is a little too big for a girl like her.  Her belt doesn't match anything.  Her sleeve is about an inch short of where it should be and she looks a little sick in the face."

Well, there you have it!
She's a fighter with an social media presence so magnetic that you just have to join in the battle with her. Somehow you just know you're on a winning team and grateful for the opportunity to step up to the plate and deliver a prayer, words of encouragement, or any small token that will keep her strong and uplifted.  She has made me realize that there is sisterhood amongst those that you may never meet and that inside of us all lies a treasure of well wishes for those fighting a difficult battle.  She's Star!  As beautiful now as ever before with the goodness of God sustaining her and a circle of support that she may have never known existed.  Keep on fighting Star!  This outfit is for you and your star quality!

You can help support Star too!


Feeling All-American today with my Lucky Brand tee bearing an eagle on the the front, my loose fitting American Eagle jeans, and my denim and leather fringed bib necklace. Lucky Brand has its roots in Southern California but the label inside of my American Eagle jeans ironically reads "Made in China".  So, does that make this look Chinese-American?
Okay, I just couldn't resist Harper's Bazaar June/July Fall Fashion preview issue for 33 cents. I've already flipped through the pages taking special notice to something called a statement earring. Statement earring? Aren't those the 99 cents earrings that we've been wearing from the beauty supply store since 19 when?  Didn't Janet Jackson have us all wearing a gold hoop with a key dangling from it back in 1989 after the release of her Rhythm Nation 1814 album?

On style and beauty. Nappy Models brings it uncut helping you to look good for less and keep more $ in your pockets. And...high style doesn't travel from the runways to the streets, but from the streets to the runways....Bazaar? I think not!
Loris knows that I hate the half tucked top look and when, pray tell, will this annoying trend end?  It's like being caught on the toilet when the late bell rings and you have to snatch up your pants in a hurry leaving part of your top stuck.  For the love of style, if you choose to continue this, just go ahead and stick a trail of toilet paper to the bottom of your shoe!  
After seeing a mannequin suffocating in much too tight overalls yesterday, Nappy Model takes the stick and shifts overalls into high gear!  With relaxed fitting denim overall shorts, Loris adds an animal print tie neck top, leather peeptoe sandals by Guess, and a straw clutch for a breathtaking look!