'It's my Fabulous 50th birthday and I haven't felt so well-rested and cheerful in a while.  Fifty feels good.  I got up, did an hour workout, drank my honey and water mix, showered, got dressed and it didn't bother me one bit when I asked my daughter if she liked my outfit and her response was "You look old.  Why don't you wear your stomach out?"  We both laughed and no, you won't see a ridiculous picture of me posing with a belly baring top today!

So, how am I celebrating?  Since I don't have a black cake with 50 candles to share with you, I will be sharing 50+ photos of my favorite summer accessories.  That's one of the good things about being a Fab 50 fashionista, I have an accessory collection that dates back to "Who knows when?" filled with limited editions, one-of-a-kinds, and even dollar store purchases.  And....this is only a slice of what I own... Enjoy!

Happy 50th to me! 


Club 50!



Tomorrow's my big day.  Yay!  Yes, tomorrow I will be Fabulous 50!  Nothing special planned and definitely not wanting any black balloons or a cake decorated with RIP in bold, black letters.  Do I feel old?  No.  I mean, how does old feel?  If it means barely shuffling along with a purse filled with prescription medications, then no, I don't feel old.  Do I look old?  The last time I checked, which was minutes ago in my rear view mirror, no, I didn't look old either.  But, I couldn't help but laugh at a woman in the thrift store who really did look old especially since her entire outfit probably came from Wet Seal.  She had to be 55 - 60 years old or a younger woman who had aged very badly.  It didn't help that she was wearing leggings with lace socks and high top sneakers.  I almost screamed when I saw the rest of her.  Poodle hair with 80's makeup; I wanted to whip out my camera and get a picture of what not to wear as you get older.  Apparently someone's not too thrilled about being in Club 50.  Take it from me, it's not so bad.  Just leave most of the trends to the teens and reinvent classics that you already own.

Check out how I took retired vintage Brighton bracelets to create a unique reversible choker.  Betcha can't find this in Wet Seal!  Classic Brighton!
Want to help a child in need?  Purchase a clear backpack and fill it with school supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks and take it to The Foundry Thrift Store in Pell City, Cullman, or Bessemer.  For complete details including supply list and deadline for submission, check out: 

Aren't you sick of every color being the "new" black?  Here's a black fabric tote by Antonio Melani, easy to carry with leather handles, silver hardware, and just enough side colors (no orange) to keep it interesting.  Carry on!
Beautiful eyes are easy to achieve thanks to Maybelline Great Lash.  I love to play with colored mascara to make my peepers pop and Maybelline's "Vision in Violet" has heads turning.  I applied charcoal gray eyeshadow closest to my lash line then applied purple passion.  Then, with a few swipes of violet mascara, my brown eyes were as beautiful as ever.  Brown eyed girls aren't limited to dark brown and black mascara.  Experiment with greens, blues, and even violets for lovely, luscious, eyelashes!
Yes, Nancy knows me and knows me well.  Who is Nancy?  She's a fancy fashionista and Nappy Model's number 1 fan.  She knows that I'm a Ralph Lauren lover, in fact, I'm still waiting on a concho belt from this designer that should arrive any day now. (I wish!)  Nancy also knows that I love big bold pieces and immediately contacted me when she spied this amazing necklace, describing it as "huge and magnificent" and that it had my name written all over it!

Yes ma'am!  Exactly my style!  Now, who's gonna make sure my name is written all over a gift box from RL with this necklace and my concho belt inside?

Check it out in August 2015 edition of Vanity Fair, page 31.  

Nappy Models recently received a gift card from Cato Corporation to help provide gift samples for the attendees of our "Occasionally Dressed" JRT workshops.  We were able to purchase 12 pieces of jewelry at prices of $1.99 each.  Wow!  
Thank you Cato for your token of community caring!
I found a lightweight, long sleeve tee that I liked with the inscription "Live Your Dream" on the front.  My first thought was "How can I dress this up and make it age appropriate?"  Leather front leggings with a boyfriend blazer came to mind and finally I just decided to leave it in the thrift store on Wednesday night.  Well, I was back again on Thursday night and the shirt was still where I left it.  This time, I decided to see if my arm could fit inside this size medium, but it was too tight.  "I'll get it for my Teen Tightwad", I said to myself.  Of course, she loved it; especially the way I paired it with black Hudson cargo pants.  It will probably make the top 10 of her back-to-school outfits.  

Am I envious, well just a little.  I can no longer wear the teen styles, layered looks, you know, the teenie bopper styles.  But, shirt or not, I'm still living my dream.  I work for myself.  I always wanted to own a boutique and now I do, even if my showroom is my living room, my back bedroom is my inventory room, and I'm the lone patron.  I wanted to be an image consultant and now I travel from city to city conducting an "Occasionally Dressed" JRT workshop to empower disadvantaged women.  I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and now I am.  I wanted a home in the country and now I have access to acres of private picturesque beauty. Yes, I am living my dream.

So, do I really wish that I could be young again.  No way!  But, I do wish that I could be a smaller size!

Live Your Dream!
There's nothing quite like a well built bag and believe me, vintage Brighton bags are built and stacked.  This black beauty caught my eye with the heavy leather and croc print combinations, plus hardware that Ace can't duplicate. The front pockets gives it a hippie hoodie-like appearance, and the silver gives it all the class that a quality bag deserves.  Definitely a welcomed addition to my vintage Brighton collection!
Nappy Model Inc visited A Way Out Day Program in Anniston, Al this morning to conduct our 'Occasionally Dressed" job readiness workshop to several of the program's clients.  A Way Out Day Program, founded and directed by Claudia Elston, helps women trapped in cycles of unfortunate events, to get their lives back on track by offering survival skills such as interviewing techniques, job placement, and higher education opportunities in a very loving and caring environment.  

Topics discussed by N.M.I. included the do's and don'ts of how to dress for interviews, discriminatory questions that interviewers should avoid, telephone etiquette when checking the status of employment applications, and impromptu interviews.  Once again, ladies were urged to leave the "attitude" at home, the gaudy accessories, body clinging dresses, even the flirtatious hair styles which partially cover the face and the bedroom eyes.  It's all about presenting your "best" self, outshining the other applicants, and obtaining that second interview.  Afterwards, gift bags were given to each of the young ladies with a drawing held for a 3.4 oz bottle of Juicy Couture ($94.00 retail value) provided by the management of Goody's, Pell City, Al.  

We're grateful for the invitation, the warm atmosphere, and for the many requests for us to visit again.  With the community support of retailers such as Goody's, we can continue to offer services that will assist women in building better futures!