It was Resurrection Sunday and the youth were leading devotion.  One young lady, probably in her early 20's, stood before the congregation with extra tight, ripped jeans, with the whole knee and parts of the thigh exposed. With mini skirts, stilettos, leggings, off the shoulder tops, midriffs peeking, cleavage exposed, thongs flashing, and tattoos showing everywhere, whatever happened to modesty?  It doesn't help that hip-hop has become a part of morning worship and instead of shaking the devil off, they are just plain ole shakin'.   In my day, the mothers of the church or the denim skirt wearing sisters, would pull you aside and say "Baby, that's not what you wear to church.  You know better. Here, put on this choir robe."  
What is it about a man in uniform that women find so attractive?  Fire fighters, policemen, soldiers, doctors, UPS drivers, uniforms command our attention, and our eyes can't help but take a quick look.  Is it their confidence?  Is it because they are well groomed?  Do they give off an aura of strength, responsibility, and employability?  Or, is it just a uniform swag?  Well, whatever the reason, we can't help but look.

Check out this vehicle and transportation specialist from Daytona Beach, Florida both in and out of uniform.  See?  I made you look!
It's dull, dry, lifeless, cracked, peeling, and downright unattractive, so what can you do about it?  If I were you, I would trade it for something better. Get rid of that eye sore at Dillard's handbag trade-in event from October 22-26. Bring in any old bag, cheap, counterfeit, and get discounts ranging from $15.00 to $50.00 on regularly priced handbags.  Now is your chance to get the designer bag of your choice.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by! 
I want a body like a dancer.  No, not the kind who loves to make claims that they're simply "working their way through college.", but a classy broadway dancer.  Now, at my age, how am I suppose to achieve that look since I've never taken any type of dance lesson, I can't do a high kick, or a split?  While I look to Debbie Allen during her Fame years as my inspiration, I'm motivated to get toned abs, arms, and legs.  I've increased my exercise routine to 2 hours per day; 90 minutes in the mornings and 30 (sometimes more) in the evenings.  I stick with what works for me which is a combination of walking, jogging in place, back kicks, hula hooping, leg lifts, Just Sweat and I'm definitely seeing good results.  I plan to incorporate a lot of fitted tees, leggings, boots, and belted wraps into my fall wardrobe and though I will never dance on broadway, that doesn't mean I can't look like it.  
I visited Goody's to see what's in store for fall and I must say that I wasn't surprised.  Like many other retail chains, Goody's is on board with offering their customers the lowest quality at the highest prices. There were shelves full of boots and shoes that made my feet ache and my pockets hurt at the thought of purchasing or wearing them.   Would you really want to pay big bucks with shoes that are clearly not the best that China has to offer?  I suggest that before you pull out the plastic, make sure you're buying quality leather.

Nappy Models will be bringing you more on the best places and the worst places to shop for fall boots.  Stay tuned...
I was so excited, feeling like something good was about to happen or that there was some hidden treasure waiting for me.  As I gassed up the car, I glanced at my empty back seat and visualized bags and bags of stuff for fall. Blazers, sweaters, boots, leather bags, you know, good stuff.  Sadly, the good feeling didn't last very long.  I shopped 4 thrift stores, and only one of those stores had a few items that I could use:  one pair of jeans, one scarf, and one purse. Maybe today will be a better shopping day or maybe I shouldn't be such a snobby shopper.
Fannie is keeping warm on a chilly morning with a black and gray fringed wrap cinched with a leather Ralph Lauren belt.  How would I wear it?  Stay tuned.....
I spotted this lady while out shopping today and loved how she paired a tee with dark jeans, black hooded cardigan, ankle booties, and an in-your-face large tote.  Style in Walmart?  That's unusual; especially in this neck of the woods.  Check her out in a Nappy Model 60 second photo shoot!
I hate Walmart!  They should give reward points for the person with the most returns and that would be me.  No, I don't purchase their clothing, well, except for a few leggings for my 13 year old who has probably outgrown the kids XL by now.  My returns are mostly food items, like the 2 packs of rank chicken that I bought back in the summer and countless rolls of bad ground turkey.  So, why do I continue to shop there?  Let me see, Food Outlet has rank meat, Winn Dixie has rank meat, Publix deli workers baked a foot long hair in my daughter's birthday cake, so where is it to go?  
Besides being angered by the purchase of two more packs of spoiled meat, I lost the tap of my favorite boots in my least favorite store too!  What the heel is going on in that place?
It's no party when trying to find tall boots to fit large legs.  It's bad enough that large legs have a problem fitting into skinny jeans and when you add the extra discomfort of a boot with a small shaft, you may find yourself walking with a limp.  Other than opting for ankle booties, what can we do?  Luckily, several designers are offering boots with wider shafts, along with boots made of stretchy material to accommodate larger legs.  There are also lace-up styles which provide more comfort by extending the width of the shaft.  There's no need to miss out on the party.  Bring the fatted calf, the skinny one too, and enjoy the latest styles.