Last year, I gave the fried chicken salad at The Cotton Patch on Renfroe Road, Talladega, Al a great review.  We feasted upon them quite often over the summer; fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and tasty, hot chicken strips that would melt the cheddar cheese topping.  Yummy!  The salad was so large that my daughter and I could share and both of us would be satisfied.  Well, I guess nothing good lasts forever.  The salads are half the size they once were, they taste awful and the chicken chunks, are now cold, old, hard pellets.  After sending one salad back to The Cotton Patch tonight and complaining to the owner, I was given another salad just as awful as the first.  So, the bowl is now sitting on the front porch to be fed to King, my friend's akita dog.  He may be man's best friend, but may be my enemy after eating from The Cotton Patch.  

The manager of The Cotton Patch has apologized and offered me a free meal on my next visit.  That's what I call good business practices!
If I'm blessed to see July 30, 2015, I will be celebrating my 50th birthday.  Okay, since it's doubtful that I will live another 50 years, I guess it's safe to say that (taking a deep breath) that I'm in my golden years or is that a little further down the road?  I've been going back forth in my mind with the dilemma:  to color or not to color?  Lately, that's been the big question.  Do I want to spend my golden time, running back and forth to the salon every time silver rears its lustrous head?  Or, will I continue the fight to hide this precious medal under wraps, hats, and wigs?  I dunno, but early surrender may be a golden opportunity!

Did your heart skip a beat when you saw your first strand of gray?  I was probably around 28 years old when my first glimpse of old age appeared and carefully following instructions of those who had already experienced the trauma, I snipped and didn't pluck it from the root.
What's so bad about gray strands anyways?  Shouldn't it be more like an accessory, almost like a wrist full of Brighton bangles that we would be thrilled to flash?  Instead we try to conceal, cover, and if not done professionally, your silver can tarnish and now that's nothing to flaunt.  So, do we proceed without a fight, and let the lustrous silver form a crown fit for a queen?  Hmmh?  Maybe.  But while we sit and ponder, gaze upon Queen Esther in her silvery glory.  Breathtaking! 
Jeggings, skinny jeans, we've worn them in all seasons for years and years, but now it's time for a different look! Not to say that we're ditchin' the skinnies for good, but wide legs have won us over!  Loris just went on a denim spree and scored 7 pairs of jeans for $18.50 and there's not one pair of jeggings in the lot.  I guess it's about time that we loosened up, relieve a little pressure, and show off those big legs.

Check out a few of her lucky finds!
An idle mind is the devil's workshop; that's what I've always heard.  While some have legitimate occupations and don't mind using a litttle "elbow grease", others are propped on their elbows, creating thick calloused skin there while they think of ways to steal what others have worked for. 
For those of us who choose to work for a living, there is frequent movement throughout the day and our clothing is subject wear out more at the elbow. But, with patches in place, not only are we classically stylish, our sweaters and blazers can last much longer.
Check out this recently thrifted Ralph Lauren blazer!

I visit my storage at least once a week and I was in for a shocking surprise on Monday January 26th when I discovered that my lock had been cut and removed.  I immediately lifted the door and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw my personal items still there.  Granted, there's so much stuff  that even if something was missing it might take me a little while to realize it, I was comforted by the sight of Mrs. Willow, my wicker mannequin still clad in her skirt of many scarves.  I called the owner who promised to be there within the next 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I heard a commotion on the other side of the building and begin to worry that someone was in my other unit.  I hurriedly went around the building and saw three guys and a U-haul but was relieved again that they were not in my unit.  In fact, I warned them to be sure to lock up because someone had cut my lock.  Little did I know that they were the culprits.

The owner came as promised and there were a total of 31 units with locks cut and removed.  Apparently, the men who I had just encountered had cut the locks and were planning to come back later and remove the contents.  All units were secured with locks and just when I felt that it was all over, I was informed the next morning that my unit had been broken into again, but thanks to the Pell City Police Dept., the thieves were caught red-handed in my storage unit around 1:30am Tuesday.  They were in a U-haul and had cut my lock a second time and was ready to load the truck when officers arrived on the scene.  When asked why they were there, they actually gave a story that was believable.  They presented a new lock and key and actually stated that the unit belonged to them. Wow!  Some dumb criminals can actually put a lot of thought into what they are going to do and say if caught in the act and they could have gotten away; except that the officer ran their names and found that one of them had outstanding warrants.

So, one (a female on the Most Wanted list in Calhoun County) was hauled off to the slammer and hopefully soon she and her band of thieves will face 31 charges of burglary and trespassing.  I still feel like this was a nightmare but was very grateful that I visited my unit just in time.  I alerted the owner, who then notified the authorities, asking them to patrol the area which led to an arrest.  I mean, I know I must have a lot of items on a thrifter's most wanted list, but I never knew it was a wardrobe to steal for!!!!!

Thank God and a special thanks to Pell City Police Dept. for an outstanding job!
Danyelle is starstruck by Starbucks.  She keeps her little gift card loaded and whenever we're near a Starbucks location, she just has to purchase a cappuccino.  Personally, I prefer a caramel frappe' from Burger King, and truthfully speaking, she even likes the BK drink better too.  But, when it comes to shoes, she wants something richer and stronger, like a little espresso on her feet.  No, not from Starbucks, but suede espresso lace up boots by Sam Edelman.  Check 'em out!
Desperate for professionally polished nails while visiting BeBe- I stopped in A Nail Shop in Pell City, Alabama. Normally, I prefer Huang to service me. He usually takes his time to clip, snip, and massage my stress away. That day he was busy with another customer so I was given no other choice but to be serviced by his wife. My experience with her was great but soon after my cuticles were cracked and sore! At that point I made up my mind that I would NEVER return.  

A week ago today I visited Beauty Nail in Pell City, Alabama to seek healing for my poor cuticles. I explained the condition of my cuticles to Reizlin, a certified nail technician. She was very careful with my cuticles and did a wonderful job. Unfortunately, she couldn't see very well- she failed to paint my whole nail. I don't know about you girls but I like to get my money's worth!! The next day it became more evident that I had been duped! Again, I later called to schedule an appointment to have my nails fixed. I explained why I needed the polish to be redone and was promised to have everything corrected, no problem. Ok!   So today I show up and for some odd reason Renee, the owner is expecting payment BEFORE she paints my nails! What?! 

Renee: "You want to pay me before I paint your nails?" 
Nappy Model: "I'm here to have my nails repainted. The paint job that I recieved was done poorly. I said that when I talked to you on the phone to schedule this appointment."
Renee: "You did not talk to me!" 
Nappy Model: Well, I talked to someone in here and told them why I was coming.
Renee: When did you have your nails painted?
Nappy Model: Last Saturday night and your store was closed Sunday and Monday was a holiday.
Renee: You wait a whole week?
Nappy Model: Yes, I don't live here.
Renee: Well, I do it this time. Most times we don't redo like this.
Nappy Model: Are you the owner?
Renee: Yes.
Nappy Model: I'm a beauty and fashion blogger and also a writer for Next month we're giving a tribute to the manicurists that we love. I'll be doing a review for you and it won't be good. The service was awful!
Renee: OK. You want to dry your nail?
Nappy Model: NO.

All that could be seen was a blur of red from my red coat as I quietly stormed out of Beauty Nail. Never to be seen there again.

Nappy Model Inc. mourns the passing of legendary designer, Vince Camuto, best known for co-founding the Nine West Group in 1978. He later founded the Vince Camuto Group which includes clothing, shoes, fragrances, and fragrances.   In memory of this fashion great, we are displaying Vince Camuto styles from our own collection.  
Debbie Bond, blues singer, guitarist, and proud supporter of the Alabama Blues Project, performed alongside her husband Rick Asherson at the Pell City Library on Wednesday and had the crowd snapping their fingers, clapping their hands, and singing along to selections from their album, "That Thing Called Love" as well as other greatest hits.  As a former band member of blues legend, Willie King, whom Bond cites as one of her greatest influences, this charming petite performer can sing a powerful , soulful note as well as play a mean guitar. 

Debbie Bond is not a newcomer to the blues scene and has been performing since the age of 13, traveling across the US and Europe belting ballads with themes ranging from broken hearts, being in love, and dancing the night away (doing the boogie woogie) at juke joints.  Dressed in  jeans, fur trimmed boots, velvety tunic, and cozy fringed scarf, Bond admits that she's a lover of vintage styles, leggings and an avid thrift shopper.

Yes ladies.  Like Debbie, we have a right to sing the blues, but they don't always have to be sad!

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