Many of you know her as a hip hop legend, a Ruff Neck lovin', baggy jeans wearing, lyricist.  But, here she is in a whole different light, business woman, philanthropist, motivator, activist, spokesperson and model for American luxury shoe line, Max Martin.  MC Lyte:  Get to know the other side!.  
Ooh baby, baby!  Guess who's in a size 28 jeans now?  I am!  Well, at least that's what the tag says.  This blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex fits me like a glove, a bigger glove than I would like, but for now, I'm just thankful that I can fit into these C & P jeans fit after gaining way too much weight!
What are you doing on this rainy Sunday evening?  If you didn't have an opportunity to make it out to Dillard's bag trade-in sale, you can still enjoy views of Nappy Models latest steals.  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the leather.
Nappy Models were out and about yesterday, snagging and bagging the best leather bags to add to our "Heir Bag" collection.  As usual, quality leathers and heavy hardware grabbed our attention, and this baby B. Makowsky was no exception.  Though much smaller than what we normally carry, this buttery soft leather bag was still a must-have, so we bagged it.

It's the first day of spring so what are you wearing?  I'm wearing thrifted high waist pants from New York & Co, a white tank from Rue 21, a red cardigan from Talbots, and my favorite peep toe booties.  The temperature is just perfect for wearing a variety of styles and fabrics, but this street celeb brings in spring with linen and MK bling! Check it out!
Should I leave my hair as it is, salt and pepper? The debate goes on.  My 13 year old says "No!".  My 28 year old says "Yes, you can rock it!".  Frankly, I'm just not up for the battle and cost of covering my grays and I'm tired of thinking about it.  Honestly, having silver strands is not the worst thing that could happen to me.  What's worse is futile attempts to conceal them. 
Check out these salt and pepper beauties.  Pretty amazing, right?   
Everyone's obsessing over statement necklaces and even Walmart is on board with statement necklaces priced at $5.00.  Okay.  Wait a minute!  If Walmart styles (fellow shoppers take no offense) are now conversation starters, then it's time that I jump ship!  Why?  If it's in Walmart, then what is it really saying?  "Buy me.  Buy me. Get one for your whole family!"  No, I'll pass. I'm turning a deaf ear to statement necklace purchases for a while, "Huh, what did you say?" and striking up a new dialogue with pieces that have meaning.  
For example, I'm obsessed with crests, especially the ones found on Ralph Lauren blazers, and my newest jewelry purchase (75 cents), just happened to be a crest-style brooch which will definitely be an attention grabber with a stark white blazer. Yes, it was the anchor that caught my attention, but what does the crest really mean?

Anchor:  Hope; religious steadfastness

Crown or Coronet:  Royalty and prestige

Gold:  Generosity and elevation of the mind

Silver or White: Peace and sincerity

Red:  Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity

Lion:  The lion has always enjoyed a high place in the heraldry as the emblem of undying courage, and hence that of a valiant warrior

Bay leaves:  A wreath of laurel (bay leaves) was conferred as a mark of honor in ancient times upon poets, heroes, and victors in athletic contests.

Crests:  not just a statement piece, but a whole conversation piece!
Loris' wardrobe is getting sweeter thanks to me: mom, "snobby shopper", and her own personal stylist all wrapped in one!  Check out what I thrifted today for $2.75, tax included.  Here's another silk top to add to her spring collection!
What's new for spring?  I'm keeping styles black and brassy with accessories to match my bold personality. I'm sporting leather belts with brass buckles, black peeptoe booties, black and gold tone jewelry, and bags with goldtone hardware.   Smart, chic, and bold just like ME!
In the days of yore, women actually wore underwear; I mean real cotton underwear that covered your entire backside.  And, if there were accidental rips in outerwear or if the wind caused a skirt to take flight, all you would see was a big pair of cotton panties.  Yes, back during those times, long before bikinis, boyshorts, and thongs were introduced, there were different categories of panties based on the occasion:

Everyday panties:  These might have a little elastic peeking from the waistband or the tiniest hole that was not quite large enough to require stitching.
Church panties:  These were cotton, cream or pink colored, and in good condition.
Going to the doctor panties:  These were special and reserved for doctor visits; sun-bleached snow white, cotton, and in the best condition.
Just in case I'm in a wreck panties:  These were the pretty panties, saved for all day,weekend outings uptown and with no seat belts at the time, who knew when a little accident might land them in ER and when undressed, the staff could whisper "Oooh, nice panties!"  (Shrugs)

Ah, the good ole days!