Black and white combinations are classics.  That's why the Little Black Dress just caught the elbow, and has been pushed to side to make room for our latest find.  These slim, cool, black pants by Hudson with side pockets are perfect for the office when paired with a white tank, white blazer, and your cutest pumps.
Frugality won't make you rich, huh?  Well, it might stretch 6 months of emergency funds into 2 years.  It could keep you from being in waist high waters of debt and bitten by a loan shark.  Sure, go ahead and spend $27.00 on an eyeliner if you wish, but make sure you don't wind up eating fish food for lunch!

Rich girl/Poor girl tips:

Create that smokey liner for a buck with  L.A. Colors Dual Liner and Shadow Pencil.  It glides on easily and stays put for naturally beautiful eyes.  
Gray hair gets a bad rap.  It's almost like God called it an abomination or something, but He didn't.  Even with abominations and deadly sins being flaunted and glorified by the media, we still go through hell and high water to keep those silver strands as Michael Jackson sang "In the Closet".  Yet, Proverbs 16:31 states:31 The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.

Doing my princess wave now....

Most of us have images in our minds of women snatching their bras from underneath their tops during the feminist movement and setting them on fire with a half smoked Virginia Slim, but that's not what really happened. Others sources state that bra burning was actually a protest against restricting garments worn in the 1968 Miss America Contest.  But here's the real deal. Some of those women had worn those bras past the expiration date and they just didn't fit anymore with stretched elastic, exposed underwire, and disfigured cups.  Then there were some that just plain ole' hated to handwash those suckers, so they decided to let them burn!  Well, it could've happened that way....

Tips on bra care and replacement:
Get fitted twice a year.  Weight fluctuations affect bra size.  
Hand wash, hand wash, hand wash!  Even on the most delicate machine setting, the spin cycle can have them all bent outta shape.
Though many sources suggest replacing anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, my advice is to replace as necessary.  If they don't fit, "Burn 'em!"
Once I stopped swooning over the amazing  texture of L.A Colors Color Balm, I topped it with Pink Suga by Wet n Wild and then grabbed the camera.  The glide, the moisture, the feel...  What's in this stuff?  I checked the ingredients  which included mineral oil, coconut oil, and beeswax.  Beeswax?  Is that what holds the lipstick in place?  
A little research showed that beeswax is one of the primary ingredients of lipstick, along with alcohol, oil,  and pigment.  In general, beeswax and oil make up about 60% of lipstick and the beeswax helps the mixture form the shape of the cosmetic.  Proportions of the ingredients may vary according to brand but apparently L.A. Colors has created the perfect mix for moisturizing color.  
It's time that you make a run to your nearest Dollar Tree to pick up a tube of brilliant shine.  The shade that I selected is called Swoon and ideal for wearing alone or underneath your lipsticks for extra moisture.  So, while you're gearing up to go, excuse me while I take another lip shot!
My semi-matte lipstick favorites from Wet n Wild can be a bit drying in the hot summer heat.  If I don't reapply often, it can streak or become cakey and that's not a good look.  I want great color with moisture plus staying power and that why I swiped my lips with peach B.B. Lip Balm by Profusion today, before applying Pink Suga by Wet n Wild.  I loved the way my lips looked and felt after using this neutral color which is infused with vitamin E and shea butter.  My lipstick stayed on nicely, lips stayed hydrated for a look that was simply "the balm", sugar! It's only a buck at the Dollar Tree, so get yours!  
Fashion bloggers of the 1950's in tight waist or sack dresses were sitting front row at a Dior or Chanel fashion show; two of the top authorities on fashion at the time.  As much as I'm into fashion, especially designer labels, Remington Rand is a brand that I find more fascinating than Coco herself.  Besides, would her fame be as widespread if some of the top bloggers didn't scurry back to a quaint little hotel room, pull out her portable Quiet Riter and strike those keys, noiselessly.

Check it out.  Vintage Remington Rand Quiet Riter, circa 1957.

Did you know that good teeth and good hair go hand in hand?  Unh, hunh!  Research has shown that bald spots can be linked to tooth infection plus my own experiences have proven that crooked teeth can cause hair loss as well.  What's the connection?  When that brass pressing combing that has been in the family for generations has been dropped a few times due to hot grease splashes, its sure to wind up with crooked teeth.  And anyone knows that any comb with bent teeth will not glide through hair easily, but snatch, snap, and pull out instead. Straighten those teeth or get a new set!
No! No! NO!  Fabric belts, white belts, tight shorts, half-tucked shirts are a no-no for any Dad of any age!  What's the meaning of a popped collar, a white belt, and a half-tucked topped worn at the same time?  And those fitted trousers and jeans that form cat whiskers while standing.  No! No! No!

Belk's 2015 Dad's Day ad still has me shaking my head and wondering who's responsible for these fashion disasters.  The models, they definitely are not the type that make you go "ahh!", but "hmmh?".  The two guys holding the young girl by the hands while her feet dangle above ground, is there a subliminal message? All in all, bad ad for any dad!
Many of us spend our lives on the sidelines as spectators, onlookers, wishing and waiting for the perfect opportunity to do whatever it is that we want to do.  My advice is to stop watching and jump in, whether it's fashion, community involvement or a combination of the two!  The perfect time is now!

Check out my latest Dillard's purchase:  a pair of leather and lace peeptoe spectators paired with vintage Dooney & Bourke and Jessica Simpson spectators!