You're bossed around all day and when the work day is done, you simply want to leave all work related matters behind to relax in your castle where there are no dress codes, no deadlines to meet, and where you are the boss.  That'll never happen if you've purchased a home in a subdivision where Homeowner's Associations, which include all homeowners in the same development, call the shots on what you can and cannot do around your own home.  The HOA exercises a lot of control of how your property is used from the color of curtains and blinds visible to the street, the colors that you can paint your house, the type of landscaping you choose, and so much more.  Structural changes require an application for approval by the HOA and members are required to pay membership fees which can amount to hundreds per month.  Not only are you paying a mortgage, you're paying for membership in an exclusive homeowner's club which is essentially the head of your household and your closet!  

Read more here:  http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/homeowners-associations-hoas-ccrs-29786.html

Nappy Models are hands over hearts in love with Anthropologie rings.  No need for nail art when the fingers are framed by bangin' rings that'll send you into overdrive!  Take a look and hold on!
It's been reported that Lupita's pearl covered Calvin Klein gown was stolen from her hotel room and apparently someone, without a nomination, has walked away with an Oscar.

Nappy Models rule out rapper Lil Wayne because his radiant smile is reportedly a result of $150K in diamonds and a pearl just couldn't replace one of those and have the same effect.  We also rule out Bruce Jenner, because it's just not his size and a tailor would have to triple the amount of material and pearls.

So, unless 6,000 live oysters made their way into her room to retrieve their crystalline covered foreign objects, the most likely culprit is a jeweler.  "Duh!"

Out with the negative connotations of the word "black", such as blackballed, black hole, or even black sheep: the family outcast.  Nappy Models have thrifted black pieces that are welcomed additions to our styles of blackness and the "black sheep", a thrifted lamb leather jacket from Neiman Marcus is now the family favorite!

Check 'em out!
I called a thrifting challenge a few weeks ago, Nappy Model versus Nappy Model, to see who could get the best buys on a $50.00 dollar budget.  I've bought so much for myself, Loris, and my daughter Danyelle, that it was rather difficult to keep up with what was spent.  With tax included, I probably went over $5.00, but who's counting? Well, we were both suppose to be, but in a thrifting frenzy, it's all about getting the deals while they're hot.
Since I did rather poorly in keeping up with my inventory, Loris went ahead and declared herself the winner.  And, with everything else going on in my life right now, I'm not putting up an argument.  So, the winner of the thrifting challenge is none other than my sidekick, Loris. Congrats daughter, now bring the items that you purchased for me.  :-) 

Here are just a few of Loris' thrifted buys!

I was out doing my usual thrifting, when I spotted a yellow sticker under my shoe.  It's true that I purchase many of my shoes at second hand stores, but not this particular pair.  In fact, I bought my black/gray suede Nine West mary jane style heels at a Belk clearance sale maybe two years ago and to my knowledge, Belk doesn't place stickers underneath their shoes. 
It's not unusual to find price tags on the floor throughout the thrift store, accidentally or purposely removed, but it was unusual to see row 2 of the ladies shoe section covered in stickers.  Hmmh?   Why row 2?  Okay, row 1 is next to the window and row 3 is next to the men's shirts.  So, if someone needed to do a little price changing, then row 2 would be the perfect place for sticky fingers to do their dirty work and from the looks of it, a lot of cleaning up had been done there.

"Security scan row 2 please!"

Nappy Model P.I.  : "Getting to the bottom of it, wearing high heels."
It's been a while since I've worn my thrifted penthouse stiletto Steve Madden ankle booties.  As I stood up and began to walk carefully, I slowly regained consciousness of my former self.  The old me, loves high heels but with the luck I've been having lately, one wrong move could mean a broken heel or even a broken limb.  Once "One Hot Mama" kicked in, I was all about town in my thrifted gray MK stretch pants and dusty rose ankle booties, struttin' like I bought them retail.  I have no problem with used, quality items, but a brand new apartment in Pell City's, Clarion Cove, in a very used condition is a very BIG problem!

Stay tuned, you ain't seen or heard nothin' yet!

I'm not talking about rappers Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, or 50 Cent, but the g-unit I'm referring to now is a Goodman heating/cooling unit.  I've been doing a little investigation of why my apartment stays cold yet my power bill is high.  After a visit to City Hall and another trip to Al. Power, I, Nappy Model P.I., found the source of my frigidness, a Goodman heating/cooling unit which according to the US Government Energy Guide, falls within the low efficiency range for both Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (see images below).  With the least efficient for heating performance being 7.1 and the Goodman rating 7.7, it's no wonder that this Nappy Model is cold as ice.  
This brand received very poor reviews on furnacecompare.com.  From failed coil condensers to blown end caps and faulty compressors (all within a few months of installation); read more here and always check the heating/cooling unit before renting or buying an apartment or home.  It could save you a lot of $$$ and headaches down the road.
I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  When Susan Mann, assistant director of the Pell City Public Library, starts to set up the table with food and drinks, you can best believe that a party will be going on. That's exactly what I needed to help with my "Clarion Cove" blues; some hand clapping, foot stomping music to help me forget the misery that this "new' apartment has brought me.  I took a front seat, you know, just in case Earl "Guitar" Williams, guitarist and blues singer from Bessemer needed a female vocalist from the audience. See, I got blues in my blood, even though it's a bit slushy from that cold, cold apartment!

Hit it "Guitar" Williams!

Nappy Model blues:

I woke up this morning
With frozen tears in my eyes
Heating unit so cheap
I may as well sleep outside...

I got the Clarion Cove blues....Yeh baby!  I got them "new' apartment blues!

Turn the lever to the cold side
But the water was scorching hot
By the time it reached the hot side
I was too hot to trot!

I got the Clarion Cove blues...Yeh baby!  I got them "new" apartment blues.....

I have decided to sell many of the items in my storage unit.  It was a nightmare wondering from day to day if my unit would be broken into again and I found myself becoming somewhat of a night watchman, riding through several nights a week to see if the electronic gate was closed.  So, for those of you who would like a "steal", here's the deal:  I will be posting items here on nappymodelinc.com frequently.  Leave a message if you're interested in adding the posted piece to your wardrobe collection.

For sale:  Ladies size large, a.n.a. faux leather biker jacket from JC Penney to wear with mini flirty skirts, ripped jeans, or maxi dresses.  New with $150.00 tag.  Selling for $50.00 or best offer!